A new batch of documents that the Defense Department has released show the government is investigating a potential outbreak of airborne microorganism that could cause widespread illness.

The documents, which were released on Tuesday, detail the possible emergence of the bacteria, which have not yet been confirmed in humans.

The discovery is likely to increase pressure on the Pentagon to respond quickly, with the release of the documents potentially raising more questions about how long the military has been testing and what the tests were for.

The agency declined to comment on the documents, citing the ongoing investigation.

The Army, Navy and Air Force all have the capability to test and develop airborne microbe strains for use in weapons, but the Army has not publicly disclosed tests.

The Pentagon says it is not testing new strains of the microbes and that it has not seen any evidence of their emergence.

In a statement on Tuesday night, the Army said it was “monitoring the investigation and working closely with our scientists to understand how the outbreak occurred.”

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