Fox Sports presenter Jurgen Klopp believes the ‘super bacterial’ is causing the cheese spoilages in Australia.

“They’re the worst bacteria around, they’re a super microorganist, and they’re also the worst in the world, so they’re not going to be happy with a lot of cheese,” Mr Klopp said.

“I think Australia needs to look at these super bacteria and what they do, and I think it’s important to look into what they’re doing to the environment.”

What we need to do is make cheese like the US.

If it’s the US and there’s a super bacteria, you don’t want to do that.

“Australia is a big cheese-producing country, so we have a huge cheese production.”

But, if you have super bacteria like that, and we have super microbes like that it can’t be good.

“Mr Klopp said Australia had to do more to tackle the issue.”

If we are going to make cheese from scratch and produce high quality cheese, we’ve got to make sure we are putting all our effort into making sure it’s good quality cheese and that we’re not compromising our quality,” he said.

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