How to grow microorganisms in a food production system

The world is changing rapidly, and growing microbes and plants is not only a way to get new foods to consumers, but also a means of improving their quality and quality control.Today, more than half the world’s crop production is done with microorganisms.As such, growing microorganisms and crops has become a major component of food production.But the process of growing […]

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Which microbes are in your gut?

A gut microbial study suggests that your gut microbes are probably much more complex than you think, and that they can affect your health.The study found that the microbiome of the guts of people with chronic gastrointestinal disease (CGI) is very different from the gut of people who do not have GI disease.Researchers compared people with and without GI disease […]

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How to Find the Perfect Spontaneous Combination of Microorganisms in Your Garden

How to find the perfect combination of microbes in your garden is something gardeners and gardeners are struggling with right now.If you want to make the best use of your growing space and you have a little time, it’s worth checking out this handy guide to finding the perfect mix of microbes.The article below discusses a few of the most […]

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