How to Protect Yourself from Jojo’s Bizarre Microorganisms

Business Insider’s Dan Shaughnessy explores how to protect yourself from the mysterious and dangerous microbes that lurk beneath the jojos soft, fluffy and luxurious soft drink.“I’ve been using jojocast,” Jojo tells him.“When I first started, it was kind of a novelty drink.I remember it having that cool taste and I didn’t have a problem with it.I was like, ‘I don’t […]

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How to Identify Microorganisms on Mars: The Key to Finding Them

This is the first time that scientists have discovered microorganisms on the Red Planet.In the 1970s, a Soviet crew member was captured by a Mars rover on Mars.The team returned to Earth to examine the remains of the crew.The Soviet crewman, Sergei Yeromirov, had no DNA in his body, and they tried to identify him using DNA extracted from his […]

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