Why we like to eat plants

I like to think of my favourite foodstuff as being in a category of it being the most natural thing in the world.So why do we like it?The answer is simple: it’s got a great deal to do with our genes.We have been bred to love food and the plants that grow it, and in doing so, we have developed […]

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‘The most beautiful place on Earth’: Mars microorganisms show why it’s ‘the most beautiful world on Earth’

Microorganisms are on Mars, the red planet.They live there, have colonized it, and are helping us to survive, scientists say.The life forms that live there are, according to the latest scientific evidence, quite different from the ones we know on Earth, including plants, animals and fungi.Here’s what we know about the different types of microbes on Mars.1.Plants and animals.Microorganisms on […]

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How to Identify Microorganisms on Mars: The Key to Finding Them

This is the first time that scientists have discovered microorganisms on the Red Planet.In the 1970s, a Soviet crew member was captured by a Mars rover on Mars.The team returned to Earth to examine the remains of the crew.The Soviet crewman, Sergei Yeromirov, had no DNA in his body, and they tried to identify him using DNA extracted from his […]

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