How to make the most of the microorganism in your food

The Israeli government has a plan to tackle the problem of microbial contamination in food.The government has set up a research and development institute and will establish a lab and a laboratory lab and an animal testing lab to investigate the problem.The government says that it has been conducting an intensive analysis of microbial activity in food and is now […]

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How to eat the microorganisms in your food

The best way to keep your gut bacteria and digestive tract clean is to eat lots of microorganisms.It’s not a good idea to just go grocery shopping or to go out for a meal with friends.And yet, there’s a growing body of evidence that a variety of healthy, balanced foods can help protect your gut from disease and help boost […]

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When to eat your food with your fingers? What you should know

On the left is a picture of the bacterium, Neisseria meningitidis.The bacterium produces a compound called Lactobacillus casei, which is a type of probiotic that can help people who have diarrhea.On the right is the bacteria, Neusseria menringitidis, which produces a chemical called L-lysine, which aids in the production of sugar in the gut.When you eat your foods with your […]

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