Butter bacteria found in butter can be a problem

A butter-based product from California that was tested by the FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency found that the bacteria that make up the buttery goodness could make the product unsafe to eat.The product was recalled because the bacteria were found in the products samples.The company said the bacteria can be present in the butter, which is made from a […]

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When are bacteria coming to the surface?

In the early 1900s, a group of researchers led by British physician Robert Watson found that small, harmless bacteria, called bacteria, had a powerful immune system.When a bacterium touched an infected human, it would die instantly.This system was called the Bacteroides spp., which is a family of protozoa that includes the common but highly toxic Staphylococcus aureus.Over time, this defense […]

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‘Troubled’ California to make ‘major improvements’ to public health system

“California is doing better than the rest of the country on this,” he said.“We have more than 300 million bacteria, which is a lot of bacteria.And the vast majority of the bugs we have are not bad bacteria.”California, like most states, has had its share of bugs.But a 2015 study found that of the 1,200 cases of salmonella and salmonellosis […]

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