What you need to know about the microbes that live inside us

Microorganisms live inside our bodies and are often responsible for our health and well-being.They help us digest food, digest our waste, and are also vital for our immune system.They can be found in our gut, the lining of the mouth, and the lining and membranes of the intestines.We also have a symbiotic relationship with these microbes.The bacteria in our guts, […]

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How to keep algae from invading your gut

Microorganisms that cause gastroenteritis can be found in the guts of bacteria, but many people have never thought about them.They are known as phagocytic phagocytes, and they are found in large numbers in the intestines of humans, mice, and many other animals.They do not affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients or produce oxygen.They also don’t cause any symptoms.But when […]

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