A look at the world’s microorganisms

RUMEN microorganisms (commonly known as “microbes”) are the most abundant and diverse groups of organisms on Earth.They are abundant in the soil, water, air, and land, and are essential for the life of all life forms.However, they are also the most poorly understood and poorly understood members of the biosphere, and they have a difficult time gaining a place in […]

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‘It’s not over yet’: How a viral pandemic will affect the world of microbiology

By Laura StenslandA novel coronavirus is sweeping through the Americas and Europe.The latest figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) say that the death toll has reached nearly 1.5 million.The virus is spread by breathing in the aerosolised dust of the coronaviruses aerosoliser.In some parts of the Americas, the virus has killed over 60% of the population.And the numbers are […]

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