Microorganisms: How to spot and avoid the ones that cause disease

In some ways, the microorganisms are a bit like a micro-disease.We’re just trying to be smart.So the way we think about them is: They’re like the micro-organisms that infect people.They’re the ones we see and smell and touch.But we can’t know them by their appearance.We can’t tell them if they have a certain DNA signature.So to make sense of them, […]

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Why the Fungi Microorganisms are Microbial in the Microbial World

A year ago, the CDC announced it had found that the flu virus causes microorganisms to multiply in the bodies of people who are sick.This was the first evidence of the role of microbes in the development of the flu.This study looked at a new class of bacteria called the H7N9 coronavirus that causes a severe flu infection called H7 […]

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Why do the fungi you grow and eat seem to have no immune system?

Microorganisms are a family of microorganisms that live in the soil and breathe air.They produce spores that they eat and, in turn, release the chemical compounds that make them live and thrive.But unlike some other types of organisms, fungi do not have a natural immunity to disease.For one thing, fungi live on soil.But fungi do also live in other environments.They […]

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