Which species of bacteria can live on human skin?

Microorganisms model: Can you live on my skin?If you can, you’re not alone.But you might be surprised.Microorganisms model has been a major focus of research and development since the late 1960s.Since then, it has grown to encompass a broad range of biological phenomena, from understanding how cells form and develop to understanding how they live on and interact with the […]

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‘Myths and myths about yeast’: A new book

New research published in Nature Communications has found that people are often misinformed about the role of microorganisms in human health.Researchers from Imperial College London conducted an online survey of more than 2,000 people across the UK, asking them to identify the characteristics of microorganisms that could be harmful.They also asked participants to rate the severity of microbe-related illness and […]

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Which microorganisms are found in food and why?

Foodborne illness and the microorganisms that cause it is a top public health priority.But a new study published in the journal Microbiology Letters shows that bacteria can be found in foods that are not listed as safe for consumption.The researchers say they found bacteria that could pose a health risk to people eating food that is not listed in the […]

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