Microorganisms, inefficient microorganisms: Microbial species can kill or help kill pathogens

The microbes that cause diarrhea, fevers, pneumonia and more have been found to be effective in killing or killing off many other types of bacteria and viruses, according to new research.The study was published in the journal Nature Microbiology.“These are not bacteria that we’ve found in the wild, but these microorganisms that can be cultured and put into a lab, […]

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Which of the following is a resident microorganistic?

The following article was originally published on September 28, 2018 by The Hacker News.The Hacker news is the most popular news source on the web, with nearly 80% of all web users using it.In fact, if you use our search engine, you’ll find that we’ve been ranking the best articles on the site.That being said, there’s more to it than […]

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