Children’s university Microorganisms and their identification

An international research team has identified a new family of bacteria that could be used to identify and treat children’s urinary tract infections.The research team identified the microorganisms as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Clostridium difficile, which cause urinary tract infection.The findings were published in the journal Nature.The team found that the bacteria are capable of breaking down and digesting the intestinal […]

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When it comes to the spread of microorganism spores, there is no shortage of advice

As a biologist, I’ve spent much of my career studying viruses.The virus, as I understand it, is a microorganist, a single-celled organism that can be manipulated to produce and pass on harmful genes.That means viruses can be very good at spreading, but they can also be very bad at stopping.There are some viruses that don’t just spread, they can be […]

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