How to make honey without all the microorganisms

In the world of honey, microorganisms are everywhere.The majority of the world’s honey, for example, comes from tropical and subtropical countries like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as in South America.But it is still not completely free of them.Many of these microbes are very different to those found in honey.For example, the bacterium Lactobacillus is common in […]

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Which virus is more dangerous? Microorganisms or viruses?

Microorganisms (the bacteria that live in our bodies and on our skin) are viruses that cause disease.Viruses are generally more dangerous because they cause infection, not death.In contrast, viruses can be killed by drugs, surgery or other medical treatments.Most viruses, like the coronavirus and the 1918 flu, are spread by direct contact with an infected person, like through sneezing or […]

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