Microbiologist explains how to use the internet to diagnose infections

Microbiologists are among the first to be called on to diagnose microorganisms.The first person to use a device to scan a person’s microbiome, and to use this data to understand what is happening in their body, is microbiologist Dr. Daniel Fuchs.Dr. Fuchs is the co-director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research at the University of Texas Health Science Center […]

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What are microorganisms?

The word “micro” comes from the Greek word “micron,” which means “little” or “dense.”It means small or insignificant.Microorganisms are those tiny creatures that can carry diseases.The word originated in the late 19th century when German scientists used it to describe bacteria that can multiply and cause disease.In the last century, it was applied to other bacteria, including those that cause […]

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