The impact of climate change on the biodiversity of the microorganisms living on our soil

The impact on biodiversity of microorganisms living on the soil, with emphasis on the role of fungi, is an important topic for biogeographers and ecologists.Although there is currently very little evidence about the effects of climate changes on biodiversity, the importance of this issue is well-known.We need to understand the role that microorganisms play in sustaining our ecosystems.We also need […]

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How to pronounce the word ‘microorganisms’

A new word has popped up in our language.Microorganisms.And they’re pretty weird.In a nutshell, it’s the acronym for the word “microbial,” meaning life in its own right.Microbes can be defined as living things that are not alive or living organisms, but are rather a combination of living organisms and chemicals that act as a filter for life-sustaining compounds.It’s the basis […]

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