Microbial species in a Washington aquarium are alive and well, journal says

Microbial life has found a home in a local aquarium in Washington state, and the aquarium has taken advantage of that to release its own special microorganisms, according to a paper published this week in the journal Microbial Biology.The paper is the first to describe how the aquarium microorganisms work and how they can be used to treat illness.The paper, […]

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Microorganisms and Their Health, one celled Microorganisms

description Microorganisms are the simplest and most diverse group of living organisms on earth.They are so simple that the name Microorganisms may be a bit misleading.They’re not actually living things at all, but they can be called such for their ability to do many things, including producing food.Microorganisms have a simple, elegant way of doing things.They can reproduce themselves, and […]

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