How the Airborne Microorganisms Program Helped the World Survive Hurricane Joseph (PDF)

Posted August 27, 2018 12:00:16A program launched in 2008 under President George W. Bush called the Aerosurf Bioengineered Bio-Laser was meant to replace and/or upgrade the aging bioengineered airframe and aircraft, but it has been largely abandoned since then.In the aftermath of Hurricane Joseth, a new wave of interest in these bioengineers has emerged, and the BioEngineered BioLaser Program was […]

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When it comes to the spread of microorganism spores, there is no shortage of advice

As a biologist, I’ve spent much of my career studying viruses.The virus, as I understand it, is a microorganist, a single-celled organism that can be manipulated to produce and pass on harmful genes.That means viruses can be very good at spreading, but they can also be very bad at stopping.There are some viruses that don’t just spread, they can be […]

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U.S. government documents details possible microorganisms in military’s secret lab

A new batch of documents that the Defense Department has released show the government is investigating a potential outbreak of airborne microorganism that could cause widespread illness.The documents, which were released on Tuesday, detail the possible emergence of the bacteria, which have not yet been confirmed in humans.The discovery is likely to increase pressure on the Pentagon to respond quickly, […]

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