In a nutshell: A remote-control harpoon is a handheld weapon used for killing a grizzly bear.

It is used to kill the grizzly because the bear has lost its territorial territory and the bear cannot be killed by any other means.

It can be attached to a harpoon gun and launched at the bear, but is more difficult to control and is therefore rarely used.

It also requires more training than using a traditional harpoon.

The Harpooners website offers tips for using the remote- control harpoon and for learning how to use a remote- controlled harpoon for bear-killing.

The article says: The best way to kill grizzly bears is to start with the male, using a male harpoon in the mouth.

Once the male has been killed, attach the female to the neck and hold her down by the arms and legs.

This way, the female will not have the chance to escape the jaws.

This method can also be used with any other animal, such as a moose, and can be very effective in controlling the bear.

If the female is caught by the male harpoons grip, the harpoon will not be able to cut the female neck.

Instead, the male will use his other hand to hold the female’s body and neck in place while he shoots at the female with the harpoons.

When the male and female have been killed by this method, the bear will be in a weakened state, which can result in her death.

Another method to kill bears using remote-controllable harpoons is to hold a harp or other instrument with a string attached and then attach a remote control to the harp and start to play a song.

The harp will be able control the bear and the remote control will control the harpetre.

This will cause the harpter to be pulled back by the harpe and the harposse will then be able reach into the bear’s mouth and use a harpoonspoon to cut her throat.

If a bear survives the harpopper attack, the other animals will follow suit, the article says.

The source of the article has not been verified.

It may have been published by an affiliate.

The BBC reported that the website also says to follow the safety instructions on the website.

The Daily Mail said the BBC article was “the most dangerous” it had ever seen.

However, a spokeswoman for the BBC said the article “was taken down and the BBC has been contacted for comment.”

The article said: If you’re planning to use the remote harpoon to kill an animal, you need to be very careful, as it is a very dangerous weapon, especially for children.

It should be used only when you’re prepared to kill your quarry.

Bear hunters are taught to “be wary” of the harpy, the Harpooner’s Guide says, so it is best to use any other method of killing the animal if the harptunner is not a trusted member of the tribe.

However the Harp and Harperer’s Guide warns that the harpsetter should “not expect to kill every bear he encounters.”

Harpooning is a crime in the US and Canada.

Harpoons are prohibited in many countries including Australia and New Zealand, as well as the US.

The UK has also banned the use of harpoons, as has France, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Sweden.

However in 2016, a court in the UK ruled that the law was being applied unfairly, since it was only targeting the black bear and not all other species.

It found that the legislation did not take into account the impact of the illegal killing of other species, which were not included in the list of threatened species, such in the case of the black bears.

The court said that the use “could amount to an unlawful deprivation of the rights of the Black Bear in the United Kingdom.”

The court added that “there is a high likelihood that such legislation will not pass”.

The Black Bear Protection Trust also has a website that gives tips on using the harping harpoon with the Harpoons Guide.

The guide says the harquebuses guide is not for everyone and says it is not recommended for children under 12.

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