article Here’s what you need to know to help you survive a cold.1.

How to treat a cold with antibiotics1.1 How to take antibiotics1 It’s important to understand what antibiotics are, what they’re good for, and what side effects you can expect.2.

How long it takes to get antibiotics3.

How effective antibiotics are at curing colds4.

What you can and can’t do to prevent a cold5.

How often antibiotics are used6.

How common colds are7.

What are the different types of colds8.

What happens when your immune system fails8.1 When you get colds, how do you recover from them?2.1 What do you do when you get a cold?3.

What is a cold and what causes it?4.

Is it important to get regular exercise?5.

Should you take a cold medicine?6.

What if you have a cold but are still not sure?1.5 Tips on avoiding a cold1.

How to get a good cold vaccine1.

The best way to protect yourself1.10 Ways to prevent getting a coldHow to keep the flu from spreading1.11 How to prevent the flu1.12 Why are flu symptoms different for everyone?1,13 How to stay healthy in a coldThe best time to get cold symptoms1.14 How to keep your immune systems in check1.15 How to make a cold vaccine and how to make your own1.16 How to use a cold pill to prevent flu1,17 How to protect against colds in the workplace1.18 Why colds can happen in your house1.19 How to stop colds at home1.20 What if I get a flu shot but my body is still not feeling well?1

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