Researchers in Israel have developed a new type of bacteria that produces cellulose out of a type of microorganism called cellulose-producing microorganisms.

This microorganist has been shown to protect against infections and to fight the spread of infection.

The new discovery was published in the Israeli journal Cell.

The authors believe that cellulose can protect the lining of the skin and make it easier for bacteria to grow, thereby preventing infections.

They also believe that the microorganisms that produce cellulose are capable of producing the necessary nutrients for healthy cells.

The researchers are now working to develop a drug to target these bacteria to treat skin infections.

The researchers have already used the drug to treat several types of bacterial infections, and they believe that using cellulose to make cellulose could also help fight infections in the future.

“We believe this is an important step towards developing a new antibiotic for the treatment of bacterial diseases, and we are eager to further research and test it in other diseases,” said Dr. Uri Kupchan, the study’s senior author.

The research team says the researchers are currently working on ways to grow the bacteria on cellulose in a lab.

It’s not clear how long this will take.

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