A worker at an animal-farming factory in the United States has been afraid to return to her home after becoming frightened of the conditions and working in a factory without any human workers.

In June, the mother of two, who is deaf and has limited vision, decided to stay with her daughter, who has cerebral palsy, because she is so fearful of the potential for the factory to cause severe illness and death.

In a letter to The Huffington Store, Kaitlyn Fagan told The Huffington post that she and her daughter have lived in an animal shelter for more than five years, but that they were afraid to go back there because of the animals.

“There was a lot of fear in my head,” Fagan wrote.

“I just knew that the only way I would be able to escape this was if I left.

I knew the only person who could help me would be my daughter.”

She added that she did not want to see her daughter suffering in the factory, where she works for a firm that has more than 100 employees.

Fagan, who works in the food service industry, said that the facility has an annual turnover of $20 million and she has been forced to rely on her husband to pay rent, utilities and other bills.

“The only way you can live off of those profits is if you are a vegan,” Fgan said.

“It’s an extremely stressful job and the stress has really driven my daughter crazy.”

Fagan said that she was able to speak out after receiving death threats, and has received death threats from animal-rights activists who have called for her to be killed.

She said that it is difficult to work alone in an environment that has a large number of employees, who often work in groups of two or three.

“Every day I have to worry about that fear, and it’s something I struggle with,” Facon said.

Faggans daughter, Briana, who also has cerebral problems, has autism and cannot communicate, Fagan explained.

She and Briana were separated when Briana was two and her mother died of cancer in 2015.

“She has so much anxiety and it scares her,” Faggan said.

She has been living with her mother in the shelter for the past two years, and the facility is full of people who she said do not understand her disability.

“This is a living hell for me.

The staff at the shelter just doesn’t understand my disability.

They think I’m a bad mother,” Fagans daughter said.

A recent investigation by the Humane Society found that there are more than 300 animals at the factory.

The Humane Society, which monitors animal welfare in the U.S., has also found that workers who are not paid minimum wage are forced to work at dangerous conditions.

A video that was released by Humane Society founder and president Jonathan S. Richards in January shows workers pulling a dead rabbit off a hook and forcing it into a hole.

In another video, a man is seen pulling a live rabbit from a pig’s stomach and dumping it on the ground.

In both videos, the man’s face is hidden, but in the second video he is heard saying, “That’s just for show.”

Faggins daughter has also experienced the company’s cruelty and has seen people throw food at her and her family, which she said was very upsetting.

“That is just what they want.

They want to make sure they are feeding everybody.

They will do anything for food,” Fagin said.

The factory is located in New York City and is owned by PETA, a non-profit animal rights group.

PETA said that in recent years, the company has employed more than 60 people, and that some workers are paid minimum wages.

“We are concerned about the conditions inside the factory that PETA workers live in, and we are concerned for Briana’s health and safety,” PETA spokesperson Jennifer Baker said in a statement to The New York Times.

“While we are not aware of any injuries at the plant, we are taking the matter very seriously.”

The Humane Service said in an email to The Associated Press that they are aware of concerns regarding the safety of PETA employees.

The agency did not respond to a request for comment.

Fagens daughter said that her daughter is being followed by undercover officers, and is being questioned by the FBI.

“He feels like he is being watched,” FAGANS daughter said, “because he can’t do anything.”

The factory has more employees than it had before the undercover investigation began.

“People are being stalked all over town,” Fago told The New Yorker.

“When you’re walking to work, people will yell at you to get on your knees and put your hands on the door, to get down.

It’s so weird.”

The investigation revealed that PAMC is the largest producer of meat and eggs in the world, according to the USDA.

PAMCs CEO, Tom Sizemore

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